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For systemic control of many broadleaf weeds in: barley, canary seed' oats' summer fallow, wheat and seedling and established grasses grown for forage. SWORD® cuts down wild buckwheat, Canada thistle and a wide range of broadleaf weeds, early in the season before they cut into your profits. SWORD adds value to your bottom line by controlling weeds with group 4 technology VS group 2 herbicides.

Product Benefits: 
  • SWORD is a combination of three systemic active ingredients that accumulate in the growing point of susceptible weeds. SWORD produces abnormal weed growth and disrupts the transport system in plants.
  •  Apply by ground or air sprayer.
  • SWORD cuts through all your worst weed problems. It controls tough annual broadleaf weeds like wild buckwheat, cleavers and hemp-nettle.
  • For control of broadleaf weeds in hard red spring wheat, durum wheat, winter wheat, barley, oats, and canary seed.
  • With three different Group 4 active ingredients, SWORD controls herbicide tolerant canola volunteers from Roundup Ready, Clearfield (Smart) and Liberty Link crops. And if multiple-resistant volunteers are present, SWORD controls those, too.