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BOROSOL® 10 (10% boron) is a patented soluble polyborate liquid for the prevention and correction of boron deficiencies in crops. BOROSOL 10 is a superior formulation with increased plant uptake vs other boric acid products.

Product Benefits: 

• Plants take up the boron more rapidly and completely (poly borate vs boric acid)

• Convenient liquid – easy to pour, measure and handle

• Flexible and compatible – foliar or soil uses

• Mixes well with other products

• BOROSOL 10 has a pH of 8.0

• Transports sugars through cell membranes

• Boron is involved with plant’s utilization of nitrogen and phosphate

• Required for germination of pollen grains, flowering and reproduction, and seed formation

• Reduces yield loss from boron deficiencies